Georgia helped me reorganise my dining room which was very cluttered and we couldn’t really eat in there. She helped me to let go of some things and move things around, so what I had left was a space I could move around and use more freely. Georgia was very understanding and wasn’t judgmental at all.


Georgia has been wonderful. I recently had to move home and she helped me go through many years worth of stuff I couldn’t have faced on my own. She helped me decide what I wanted to take with me, and helped pack everything so neatly that unpacking was so much easier. So grateful for your help.


Georgia came to help me declutter my attic (which I had been avoiding). Everything that is still up there is so organised, I know exactly where everything is, and where to put anything else that goes up there. Thank you Georgia, for keeping me motivated and braving my dusty old attic!


Georgia has helped me so much already, and we’ve only reorganised my wardrobe (so far). She helped me see that I had so many clothes that I wasn’t even wearing because I didn’t actually like wearing them! Not only is my wardrobe more organised, but I’m starting to think more about what comes into my home. I can’t wait till we start on the next job, my home office.


I was a bit nervous before Georgia came. My kitchen cupboards were overflowing and I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start. Georgia was so encouraging and knew exactly what to do. Now my kitchen is so easy to use, and I actually enjoy using it now. My cupboards are so neatly organised, I feel so much better in this room now than I have in far too long.


Georgia has been amazing at helping my 12-year-old sort out her bedroom. The revisit box was extremely helpful in showing my daughter how much she actually cares, or doesn’t, about the items she thought she wanted to keep. Turns out, she doesn’t want them as much as she thought she did. I tried so many times in the past to help her declutter, BUT THIS WORKED! Thank you so much.

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