Spit Spot

Spit Spot Coaching is an organising and decluttering service covering Worthing, West Sussex and surrounding areas.

Spit Spot was originally launched as a cleaning business, under the name “Spit Spot Domestic Angels”, in 2010. Georgia Harrison worked closely with the business since 2012 and is now the proud owner after buying the business in 2017.

With over 10 years of experience helping people within their homes, and 5 years of experience running a business, Georgia decided to put her natural decluttering and organising skills to good use and rebrand to Spit Spot Organise and Declutter in 2022.

Georgia Harrison

Hi, I’m Georgia Harrison, a home organiser, declutter coach, and owner of Spit Spot Organise and Declutter.

Spit Spot Organise and Declutter was created from my desire to help people, my need to be flexible, and my natural fondness for decluttering and organising.

However, I have not always been a fan of organisation and simplicity. Feel free to read my story.

My goal is not to make you follow a particular method that’s popular on YouTube, TikTok or in the bookstore.

All I want to do is share with you what works.

It isn’t a special way of folding your underwear, nor is it going to an extreme. Do you want to know the big secret to make lasting change in this and any other area of your life?

Change your mindset.

Seriously, that’s all there is to it. Once I started thinking like a person who doesn’t hang on to a lot of clutter, it became easier to live that way.

This is why the first step of my process is to help you adjust your mindset.

Have a look at our Packages or Contact Us if you need help deciding if hiring a declutter coach is right for you.

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